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Welcome to my web site
    Yes welcome, and I hope you enjoy looking around my site.  It
    will grow as I add to it - it will try to reflect what is going on
    at East Devon and in particular Broadclyst Ward.
    IN / Out
    ... or shake it all about??  

    Well what a mess!!  I do not care which party you support you must feel all
    our MPs are a complete load of "Wallys" - after two years they still have
    not honoured the will of the people.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  
    Whether you were an "INer" or an "OUTer" I expect that like me you are
    appalled at the way our MPs are behaving "Wally" is perhaps too polite a

    I believe in Europe and our continued involvement but not in the current
    state - I do not like it and never voted for it.  It is run by a bunch of
    unaccountable expensive bureaucrats tying to make the EEC into an EU
    state.  NO - I voted a long time ago for a European Market not a European

    Brexit is not within the remit of EDDC and whilst we must be aware of it
    and the local ramifications it is NOT part of the East Devon Elections. is the personal web site of
Cllr Rob Longhurst of East Deven District Council
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