Lympstone Woodcrafts
Ho, ho, ho - a business!  Hardly a business - ok quite
correct but run a little bit better than a hobby!!
I have reduced my fairs and exhibitions to those
that are fair and fun to do - they are listed under
"Where".  These galleries cover a few years now and
are meant to give an idea of the range of products I
make -  If you fance anything give me a call to have
a chat.
    Enjoy, Rob
I was born in Coleford, Devon about 3 miles from Crediton in 1951.  I
moved to Ottery St. Mary and was educated at Blundell's School,
Tiverton, where I learned woodturning from Mr. Fisher.  I perhaps spent
too much time in the workshops and did not do too well academically!  
To correct this I did a year at "The Exeter Finishing School" (Then
known as Exeter Tec and now Exeter College).  Armed with the
necessary A Level certifictes, in 1970, I went to work for BP and with
them gained a degree in Business Studies.  I subsequently worked for
BP, in Marketing, in the UK and also in Brussels, The Rest of Europe
and finally in Tokyo, Japan.  That was a real challenge!  On my return
from this final contract and after 29 years (and with the oil price at
$8 a barrel) I was offered redundancy.  I grabbed it!  My wife and I
decided to quit the rat race and return to Devon.  We started a
mammoth project to re-build a derelict house and in doing so I
incorporated a workshop.  From there it was a short step to
woodturning - but there is a limit to the number of wooden Christmas
presents you can give to the family!  So it was into serious production
for sale at craft fairs in the South West and a limited number of
shops.   I now live contentedly in Lympstone, Devon doing what I love
best - working with wood.
Below are three of my favourite pieces - all very
large platters.  About 6yr ago I had a very profitable
year so rather than donate to the Chancellor of the
Exchequer I bought a lathe - a VB36.  At around
£4,500 (then) it was the Roll Royce of lathes made
from caste iron (absorbs vibration and is very
heavy).  It meant I could move on to much bigger
pieces - these are three examples,
Pippy Oak platter sold to the USA
A lighter Pippy Oak platter
An early work - a platter in Elm sold to a gentleman in Kingsbridge.
I try to work with UK hardwood, Oak, Ash, Elm and Beech -
but disease has just about eliminated Elm and there is an
alarming die back in Ash.  So I now tend to work with "What
John Bradford has available" or what I can garner, scrounge or
just generally get my hands on!  These platters were all over
2ft (600mm) in diameter so are not easy to find the wood.
At the end of August the Festival of The Oak always produces
some super examples for really creative pieces - pricey but
wonderful!  Have a look at what I have created - can I do
something for you?