Lympstone Woodcrafts
So if you like something or have your own bright idea hen why not contact me.  
A commissioned piece is often not as expensive as you may think.  I produce what you want and you pay
me - simple.  No taking it to shows and paying stall fees, will it sell ? Will it get damaged? Will people
like it?  None of those make it so much simpler.
You can choose design and the wood - why settle for sycamore when you could have Ash?  
If you fancy anything give me a call to have a chat.
An early work - a platter in Elm sold to a gentleman in Kingsbridge.
I try to work with UK hardwood, Oak, Ash, Elm and Beech -
but disease has just about eliminated Elm and there is an
alarming die back in Ash.  So I now tend to work with "What
John Bradford has available" or what I can garner, scrounge or
just generally get my hands on!  These platters were all over
2ft (600mm) in diameter so are not easy to find the wood.
At the end of August the Festival of The Oak always produces
some super examples for really creative pieces - pricey but
wonderful!  Have a look at what I have created - can I do
something for you?

Telephone:- 01395 263495
Or click on this link to send an e-mail