Rob Longhurst
Dinan Way Extension
This consultation has now closed - I am expecting a Planning Application to be made in early 2016.
The National Trust are making a major objection to the Southern Route and have requested is movement due North.  Devon County Council are considering this
objection and will be reverting to the Parish Council with a new proposed Southern Route.

This is the link to the DCC web site which contains the plans etc as well as a simple on-line questionnaire =
DCC - Dinan Way
This a link to The Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan (See CA 10 P22) = Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan
This is a link to my statement to Devon County Council = Dinan Way Statement
Plans to extend Dinan Way
Update :-
On Thursday 7th January we had convened at the request of Anjumn Kanani (DCC) for a meeting to discuss the routing of this link road.  The day prior to the
meeting Anjumn said she had to cancel as both she and her colleague had flu!!  Early on the 7th Cllr Ben Ingham called in at County Hall to pick up the plans and
said that Anjumn was at work but confirmed that she was not attending the meeting!!  This did not get the meeting off to the best start!   
We considered DCCs proposals re an alteration of the supported route from the Option 2 South Route to an "amended" Option 1 Valley Route (to the North of the
South Route).  Cll Bernard Hughes was exceedingly confused and insisted that the new option was a great improvement to the North Route.  
We gave 8 good reasons why the Southern of the two routes was preferred:
1.   It was the DCC preferred route for cost and ease of construction utilising less enbankments
2.   Due to the topography it would mean that most of the route woud be in cuttings rather than embankments
    and thus less noisy to residents
3.   Being in cuttings the road would be less of a scar on the landscape than embank ments
4.   With screening of trees between Summer Lane and the extension the new road would be hidden from A La Ronde
    and Point in View etc.
5.  Lympstone is a flood risk.  This new road represents an extreme risk IF the run off water is allowed to enter the
    Wotton Brook to the North of the new road.  The further South the proposed route then the nearer to the top of
    the escarpment and the ability to take all run off water directly to the River Exe via Courtlands streams and away
    from the Wotton Brook.
6.  The road exits at Courtlands Cross are a nightmare.  Option 2 sorts them out once and for all; Summer lane is blocked for access; Courtlands Lane is
    left turn only into a roundabout for a 360dgree turn to Exmouth.
7.  The roundabout is situated on the crown of the hill - unlike the Option 1 whre it is overr the blind crown by some 200m
8.  Option 2 closes Summer Lane to traffic and promotes a new entry to A La Ronde off the extension to take coaches easily into a car park.  

Cll Hughes was left in no doubt whatsoever what were the demands of the Community were.  He was further warned that if this process was not seen to be fair
and equitable in its decision making then he and DCC could well expect to be facing a full Judicial Review.

This matter was disccussed at DCC Council on 13th January :_
1.This is a link to see Bernard Hughes represent Lympstone and Woodbury's views! (I don't think). Click on item 8 and then on click on "Watch" besides
Bernard's name.  This should be just short of about about 45 min in!!
2.   See my e-mail to DCC in response - it tells it all.
E-mail to John Hart
3.  Meeting - report by officers - Here
4.  Meeting Minute - Here
Lympstone has been very badly let down (again) by DCC
officers and on this occasion our elected representative.
There is another meeting on 26th January with DCC
- it had better be productive ......
This item will be discussed in detail at the Parish Council
Meeting of 1st February