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In 3 words:-
Transparency :- Clarity, simplicity and openness in decision making
Honesty :- truthfulness, candour and integrity in all decision making
Accountability :- responsibility and liability for all decision making
These are an overview of the Seven Principles of Public Life set out by Lord Nolan in 1995:
selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

  • I firmly believe in the delegation of powers to the lowest effective government
    level and the de-centralisation of decision making.  This has to involve the
    inclusion of the Local Community.
  • I will represent the majority views of my constituents at EDDC without fear,
    favour or any political coercion. I think a representative should do just that –
    represent the people that voted for them: not just the views of a political party
    or their own interests.
  • My interests are those of a resident who cares about this beautiful part of
    Devon and its surroundings. I have no land (apart from my home), business or

My manifesto:- Ben Ingham & Rob Longhurst, Election Manifesto
My Page on EDA Web site:- EDA Web Site Insert
My Video:- My You Tube Video - scroll down.
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“For the first time in four decades the East Devon people can
take back the reins of our council to protect the democratic
values and invaluable landscape we all cherish, and take our
area forward in the interests of us all.”
East Devon Alliance Chairman Paul Arnott