Rob Longhurst
Exmouth Regeneration
This is a copy of the proposed Queens
drive development that was released
by the Developer (Moiri) in June 2105.  
Click on the image to get a larger view.
Consultation Findings.
In December 2013 there was an initial outline Planning Application granted by EDDC Officer's Recommendation to the DMC   Approved Layout  this was for all
matters reserved (apart from layout) and gave legitimacy to the on-going Development Plan.
EDDC have a web page devoted to the Queens Drive development
EDDC - Queens Drive progress    
In June 2015 EDDC gave a presentation to Exmouth Town Council - this is a PDF of the slide presentation
Regeneration Update to ETC.  This was procured by a
Freedom of Information Request to EDDC.
In progress now through EDDC is an Application by Devon County Council for the realignment of the Queens Drive  
Road Layout   Road Layout +
These are images of the proposed
"Watersports Centre" produced by
GJA Architects for Grenadier.
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proposals for the whole develoment in November 2012
Exmouth Regeneration - a Masterplan of secrecy!
The Seafront
This page deals with one of the biggest projects on East Devon's Strategic Development Plans.  The starting point was the Exmouth Town Centre and Seafront
Master Plan (The Master Plan) this was put together by LDA Consultants for EDDC and completed in December 2011 and accepted by The Cabinet .  The Master
Plan details some 28 projects for Exmouth to revitalise and reinvigorate Devon's largest town.

To create and implement The Master Plan, The EDDC Cabinet created a Board “The Exmouth Regeneration Programme Board” (The Board) made up of Councillors,
EDDC Officers and lay members – all by invite only.  The Board reports into The Cabinet on a regular basis and The Cabinet endorses its recommendations.  Since
February 2011 The Board has produced Agendas and Minutes but their meeting are closed to the public and other EDDC Members.  Cabinet Meeting agendas and
minutes are available on-line and the meetings are open to the public.  

Whilst The Board meets on a three monthly basis there is an "Exmouth Regeneration Project Executive" that meets more frequently (twice monthly?).  It reports to
The Board but no notes/minutes  or whatever are  made public.  This structure may be legal but in my opinion is totally unsound and lacks transparency.

I am currently producing a paper on the Exmouth Regeneration which I will publish here in due course.

As a starter I am listing below some key documents so that they are all in one easily accessible place - if you think I should add to the list please contact me with an
attachment or link  
Latest News:-
The next stage of plans for the Exmouth Seafront are going before the Development Management Committee on 8th March
I am now supporting the Watersports Centre but opposing the prior "development" of the "Splash".

For the former I believe that the outcome is good for Exmouth and in line with the Master Plan - BUT I do NOT agree with the process that is against
all of the Nolan principles.

For the "Splash" - this covers filling in the "Swan Pools" with the spoil from the Watersports Centre.  This is completely wrong - it is premature  
without a full development proposal for the Splash - we could be left with an eye sore for the future.

Full details on both


On the 16th December there was a meeting of the Full Council.  I asked a written question to which I got a very poor reply - I asked for better clarification and got a
reply that was better but not perfect.  I am allowed to ask a supplementary - and this is always the real question!
Q "
Will the leader confirm that the consultation will be fair, impartial, well informed, methodologically sound and in line with the Sedley criteria as defined by the
Supreme Court of UK?   Will he also include  Members of all parties be included in the group arranging the consultation?"
A  The Leader responded "I can see absolutely no reason why not" the minute stated "In response to the supplementary question, the Leader confirmed that the
consultation would be fair and impartial and that there was no reason that Members from the opposition party/group could respond into any consultation process."

Now read the extract from the Sedley criteria and see what they agreed to!! Sedley Criteria