Rob Longhurst
This is me - or is it?
Who am I??
This is a question I often ask myself - Who am I, and What do I stand for?
Below I try to explain - and you have the ability to ask me questions!
These are images of the EDDC leaflet asking for comment on the
proposals for the whole develoment in November 2012
  • Born:  Coleford, Devon 1st March 1951
  • Moved to Ottery St Mary in 1960
  • Educated:  Blundell’s School, Tiverton & Exeter
  • Left Devon 1970 and joined BP in Bristol.
  • Married Frances in 1974 - one daughter.
  • With BP for 28 years in the UK, Brussels and
  • In 1999, we made our home in Lympstone.
  • I joined the Parish Council in 2006 and was
    chair from 2007 to 2009
  • Councillor EDDC 2015
  • Led the steering group to and
    2012/14 Neighbourhood Plan
  • Led the campaign against the
    first and second application to
    develop housing to the NW of
    village on Green Wedge and
    the successful community
    objection at the appeal. Raised
    850 and 650 letters raised 850n
    and 650 letters of objection
  • EDDC Cllr since 2015 -
    Overview, Audit & Governance,
    Strategic Planning Committees
  • 2017/8 Raised the £500k for
    New Pre-school in village
  • Currently raising £250k for
    extension to Primary School
3 Hobbies: - National Hunt horse Racing, My Canal/River Boat,
3 Achievements in politics: - Preventing the threat to the Green
Wedge, the Opening of the Pre-school, receiving a Christmas Card of
thanks from an elderly couple for whom I got gas central heating into
their Council House
3 Moments in Life: - My wedding, birth of my daughter, my grand
3 In music:- The Boss (Springsteen), Show of Hands, ABBA
3 Sports:- Rugby, NH Racing, Cycling
3 Foods:- Traditional Roast, Pasta, Bread and Butter Pudding
3 Hates:- Artificial Cherry Flavouring, Porridge, Tripe
3 Holiday destinations:- Lanzarote (away from the 3 tourist areas),
Paxos, Devon
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