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Welcome to my web site
Yes welcome, and I hope you enjoy looking around my site.  It will grow as I add to it - it
will try to reflect what is going on at East Devon and what I am doing
Well Mr Cameron has been to Brussels and asked for some negotiations  - he got them
and has now called a referendum for June - the news and papers are full of it .... so
whats it all about?  
Comparisons are being made to the Scottish Referendum - no this one is very different!!
The Scottish referendum was an IN or OUT vote - a complete break with no half
measures.  Whilst some portray this referendum as the same - it is NOT.  There are many
half measures along the way once not committed to the EU.  I want to explore these as I
believe in Europe and our continued involvement but not in the current state - I do not
like it and never voted for it.  
MORE .......

Exmouth Seafront
Further plans for the development of the Seafront come before the Developmnet
Management Committee on Tuesday 8th March


I have decided on my priorities:-
1.  Exmouth Regeneration - and the sea front
2.  Blackhill Quarry and traffic in Woodbury
3.  Dinan Way Extension
4.  Devon and Somerset Devolution
5.  Lympstone Community Foundation & Lympstone Pre-school

These are all covered on this site or with links from this site.

My principles are the same
   Transparency, Honesty & Accountability
Latest News
  • Exmouth Regeneration - see page for comments
  • Blackhill Quarry - withdrawn see page
  • Devolution
  • Lympstone Pre-school - await update big donor wades in with £25,000
Should Blackhill Quarry receive
a 5 year extension to its use?
Go to the EDDC Planning page for more
information.  We are now waiting for the
application to come before the Devon
County Planning Committee - (When? -
latest estimate is February 2016).  
Cranbrook - have you been there yet - WOW!!  
Like it or hate it, you must see it. Try this link :-
Exeter and East Devon Growth Point
Or try this very good leaflet:-
Growth Point Leaflet

Remember that the construction of Cranbrook
has taken away the need for increased
development in the rest of East Devon.
OH dear how embarrassing!!
But it could have happened in the
middle of Woodbury Village
(Click on
image to enlarge)